Wood Wharf

ESM Power Ltd appointed to deliver the design and project management of major Canary Wharf estate.

A new residential led, waterside site is being developed in Wood Wharf. This major estate will have over 3,400 domestic plots, 20 high rise buildings and over 45MVA of commercial load.

Wood Wharf is one of central London’s largest privately owned development sites covering 23 acres and is of major importance on a local, national and international level.

Our Work

ESM Power were successfully awarded the project after providing the Canary Wharf Contractor with confidence in our technical understanding as well as offering a competitive commercial contract.

This major project included five High Voltage (HV) supplies from Deptford Primary, Blackwall Way and Simpsons Road. We provided the customer with a diversified capacity of 51MVA.

The 11kV supply had to be cleverly integrated into newly established onsite 11kV switchgear panel boards to allow for a secure supply to the entire development.

Due to the nature of the project, there were many technical hurdles to address and resolve, including:

· Basement substations with long plant and indirect plant replacement routes

· Substation proximities to residential and commercial buildings

· Complex DNO and IDNO HV and LV routes, including bespoke chambers and shared access agreements

· Producing a design to assist with spreading the load across the main HV supplies while maintaining the level of security required

· Internal trades and utilities interface

· High rise LV distribution

· Over 20 HV integral substations

To overcome some of these challenges, our expert design team delivered a personable design service including turnkey design solutions to suit the client, DNO and IDNO standards.

We also had the responsibility of appointing a suitable IDNO to adopt the LV network and parts of the HV network. ESM Power carried out extensive research and negotiations before appointing LEEP. Our approach to this task further maintained the client’s confidence in our abilities to protect their interest whilst ensuring the adoptability of the scheme.

ESM Power managed site M&E contractors delivering the adoptable scheme. What’s more, we put in place reasonable processes to ensure the sub-contractors are delivering to a high standard and meeting our high safety and quality standards as well as the client, DNO and IDNO expectations.

Our experience with installing complex HV and LV networks means we have also been appointed to deliver Block E (phase 1) including 2no HV substations and an extensive internal LV network.