Lister Drive

The £25m project, based at Lister Drive, Liverpool is designed to stabilise the grid as renewable energy replaces larger fossil fuelled rotating power plants.

ESM Power were engaged to act as a Strategic Partner and to provide installation services for the two HISC units.

The project began in November 2021 and was completed in April 2023.

ESM Power carried out the following works:

- Assisting and providing interface design for both electrical and mechanical installations

- Assisting and providing cable connection details

- Assisting and providing control cable connection details

- Providing installation materials and support to all free issued items of equipment, as well as commissioning support for the equipment

- Providing above ground earthing and materials

- Assisting in delivery schedules

- Providing lifting plans and associated cranage and providing mechanical design to both the Chilled Water and Lube Oil Systems

- Providing commissioning of items installed under our purchase inclusive of end-to-end checks

- Project Management, supervision, Health and Safety support to ABB

- Providing site support for all installation works

- Providing commissioning assistance via generation for 8 weeks

Our staff off-loaded and positioned the two HISC units using a 700 tonne crane due to the weight and positioning of them (each HISC weighed 100 tonnes). ESM Power were responsible for manoeuvring the units (13.8kV), and fly-wheel in place (weighing 60 tonne in total). The units were directly connected to the National Grid. Once in position ESM undertook the containment design and full HV and LV cabling works associated with the two HISC units and all ancillary equipment which included all the mechanical pipework for the lubrication and water-cooling systems. Each unit was successfully installed, completed and then commissioned. Both units then went into trial which were successfully completed. ABB’s obligation was to carry out completion tests and trials. These were successfully completed during March 2023.