ESM Power delivers services to utilities who require High Voltage electrical assets as part of their own distribution. We work for, and on behalf of, utilities such as gas, water and telecom as well as Distribution Network Operators (DNOs).

Since 2002, we have collaborated with a major UK Distribution Network Operator and we have been the appointed operator for an Independent Network Operator (IDNO).

For more information about our services within the utility sector please contact us.



Design and Project Management

We have an experienced design and project management team who are qualified and trained to manage projects up to and including 132kV.

ESM Power ensures our systems are well positioned to directly assist Distribution Network Operators (DNOs).



Maintenance and Asset Replacement Programmes

Our experienced team regularly carries out the inspection, maintenance and replacement of high voltage assets and we are committed in maintaining our proven track record in this practice.

IDNOs who don’t have the in-house capability to manage High Voltage systems will benefit from our services and knowledge.



Operational Assistance

ESM Power offers operational assistance to all of our customers. Independent Network Operators (IDNO) in particular can benefit from our operational expertise in many ways:

– We will deliver safety rules specifically for their system.

– Using an independent authorising engineer, we will assist in the management of SAP and AP training and authorisation.

– ESM Power can operate the network on behalf of the


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