For the development of buildings or land, ESM Power offers a complete design and build service. We will cover both the utility connection and the “on site” infrastructure. Please contact us to discuss your project.



New Supply Connections

Obtaining new supply connections can be a complex process, often involving communications with large organisations and deciding whether to use other providers (ICPs) for the contestable work.

ESM Power’s experienced team are largely ex DNO, giving us the knowledge to deal with all aspects of the process for you. We can:

 – assist you in the application stage

 – act as your full NERS accredited ICP

 – manage any, or all, points of the new supply connection for you

Our help can result in a more cost effective, swifter solution for you.



High Voltage Infrastructure

ESM Power’s experienced team have a demonstrable track record and passion for creating innovative designs. Consisting largely of Chartered Electrical Engineers from the utility and manufacturing industry, our designers will optimise your site to its full potential. If you need to operate within space constrained buildings, our team will create fit-for-purpose substation designs.

We recognise the design stage as the most critical in creating a safe working environment, therefore we will always undertake your obligations under the current Construction (Design and Management) Regulations. Hazards will be designed out so far to what is reasonably practicable, with management plans developed for the risks which may remain.



Renewable Energy

Renewable energy projects can present additional challenges, often requiring specific expertise, experience and contacts to overcome them.

ESM Power meets these demands, ensuring your project runs smoothly and is delivered on time. From getting designs approved, to obtaining plant and equipment – we consider all aspects of the process. We strive to deliver the most cost and time beneficial option, choosing the contestable route instead of rural routes, when applicable.

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